Funerals & Memorial Services

Des has extensive experience with funerals, funeral services and memorial services, understanding the difficult time that families find themselves in when they lose a loved one, regardless of age.

The Memorial Service or Funeral Service is the final chapter of a person’s life and is essentially the last opportunity for family and friends to say farewell and to express their love and appreciation for their recently departed loved one.

This is a time when a family looks for support and direction on the best way to express their love, sorrow, respect and gratefulness for the relationship and time they were able to share. It is a time to reflect their loss and to create a memory which will linger in the hearts of the family and friends, well into the coming years.

At this time when individuals are endeavouring to overcome grief and maybe, coming to terms with their own mortality, there is a need for someone with compassion to advise and lead the family and friends in saying their final farewell in their own personal way.

Des Kelly has had extensive experience in matters relating to the loss of loved ones and his involvement in many funerals ensures he will be there to assist family and friends to say their goodbyes with dignity and sincerity.

Generally family and friends have one common desire; they want a professional, personal and appropriate funeral Service for their loved one.

As a professional Funeral Celebrant Des will craft and deliver the Funeral Ceremony, relating to the loved one’s life and contribution as a friend, and he will guide the Funeral Service to reflect the personal feelings of the family and friends in a way that will long be remembered.

You may choose a Funeral Service with a lot, a little or no religious content. The choice is entirely left up to the family.

A Funeral Service generally includes but is not limited to, some or all of the aspects listed below;

Des can write the eulogy for you or will work with a family member or a friend to craft the eulogy together. Des will also deliver the eulogy if required and will support all speakers as they deliver their tributes to the loved one.

An extra service Des offers is to prepare and print the Funeral Service Booklet, at your request.

Des’ main objective is to give your loved one the farewell that you want and to assist the family in saying goodbye with love and respect.

Contact Des to discuss his ideas to assist you with your funeral or memorial service needs.